Designing Resilience Showcase





This blog is a belated review of the ‘designing resilience’ showcase event at Brighton University.

The concept of the day was to showcase the result of a longer project exploring how the research on academic resilience could manifest in practical tools to use in schools an other settings with young people and others in the community.

In combining thinking  on academic ‘resilience’  and ways of designing, making and creating that design students had become specialised in, several tools were brought to life and having been developed and trialled, they were displayed at the event and participants had the chance to try them out.

Many of the designs were still prototypes and most were collaboratively designed tools, created with and alongside those who could use them, such as adults with learning difficulties who created and designed the idea behind the ‘sun and clouds’ game ( a giant board game based on snakes and ladders exploring coping with difficult times and positive strategies) , and young people from the Headstart project in Blackpool who co-designed the ‘resilience roadmap’. This had meant that designing and making the tools was quite labour intensive but there was a huge buzz about the ideas being brought to life and seeing the finished product.

In the virtual resilience house and street, a computer game with accompanying virtual reality headset allows you to explore the ‘building blocks’ of resilience and play out real life scenarios where ‘resilient moves’ are given as options. The design is based on minecraft and oculous rift and I could really see this being successful in school environment, especially accompanied by teacher led sessions.

A graffiti wall was displayed which contained embedded videos using augmented reality. Messages can be recorded and attached to moving images of characters or animals as a sort of distancing tools so that young people can record their experiences or resilient moves they have made, which come to life as you hold your phone over the screen.

Really exciting event full of ideas, many more than I have elaborated on here.

Here is a link to a ‘storify’ with some images too.

Resilience tools can be easily adapted to many environments. Would be great at the next federation inset to showcase some of the tools developed.




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