This blog is the collaborative initiative of the Cornfield, Oak Grove and Palatine Federation of Special Schools.

The purpose of the blog is to gather, disseminate and reflect on contemporary education research to inform and improve practice. We invite those within the school staff, as well as the wider community of children, parents and carers to follow and engage in discussion based on the blog. In time, we hope to build national and international dialogues where we can not only reflect on existing research, but also form communities of participant researchers, who collaborate to carry out their own research in schools and share their findings.

For more about the federation of schools see their websites or click here:


This blog is written by Josie Maitland. Josie is currently both a member of staff at Cornfield School and a PHD research student at Brighton University. The PHD research focuses on the topic of resilience in schools, taking a systems theory approach to explore how disadvantaged or vulnerable students can be supported to achieve better than expected outcomes.

More information about the subject of academic resilience here:


Enjoy reading our blog and please do join in by posting your own thoughts, tips, ideas or suggestions for future blog posts!

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